The Worst or the Best year, you decide

Some encouragement for the new year:
What a wonderful thought to relish in before a brand new year, keeping in mind that it is after all only a brand new year & that’s all it is. We must be consciously aware that as people, our abilities to change far outweigh the impossibilities, our goals are to permeate constant change not just when it becomes “the new year”. A lot of people become obsessed & are set up for disappointment by making¬† a “New Years Resolution” to be a brand new person, to achieve dreams as well as set new goals. Some of the goals people set for themselves are unattainable, unrealistic and mostly abandoned shortly after the month of February ends, if not before. If you keep saying “this year” will be mine then make it happen, don’t allow it to be a main stream fad. if the factor of making a New Years Resolution¬† is the main catalyst in which motivates you to go to church, the gym, be kind, care less about your outer appearance, be generous etc, then these temporary attributes to stimulate change should be limited. Setting goals for healthy change are most likely to be more attainable when set on one’s own timing, rather then the New Years bandwagon. This may have been the worst or the best year & we have no idea what the future holds in store for us, only God knows. So, don’t get engulfed with what society says has to happen in a new year. Set yourself some realistic goals and don’t beat yourself up if “you never lose those pounds” or you never get around to “cleaning out the attic”. Your year is unique to that of everyone else. Try not to compare what you need to accomplish, look like, act like & what you need to achieve. Were all in this race together, just going at different paces, we’ll all get there eventually and our journeys will all look different. Look forward for what is to come, while also living in the moment & keeping the past where it belongs. You can’t change the past, you can only change who you are in this moment & who you are tomorrow,
in a new year or not.